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The peer learning platform

Hive Learning helps companies create and sustain mass behavior change at scale

Hive Learning is the world's #1 peer learning platform

We help the world’s most forward-thinking organizations deliver behavior change every day and make sure it sticks


more likely to form a learning habit


programs and networks delivered


take action on what they’ve learned

Why peer learning

Peer learning is scalable, democratic, and contagious

Today, what companies need from their people and what employees expect from their companies changes quickly. It’s pretty fluid. Organizations need an agile approach to embedding new behaviors quickly, at scale, and a new way to make them stick.

Peer learning takes the behavior change motion out of your hands as a People Leader and puts it directly into the hands of your people. It creates accountability, FOMO, and ownership.

For learners, behavior change becomes contagious and is more likely to stick.

And for People Leaders, delivery becomes less of a headache. It’s more scalable, more sustainable, and actually delivers the outcomes you need.

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“We are excited about anyone who is trying to invigorate and energize the market with some fresh thinking. That’s why we’re excited about the work Hive Learning is doing.”

David Perring

Director of Research, Fosway Group


What does a peer learning solution actually look like? Well, we think of peer learning in four key parts.

Peer learning platform

Every feature is designed to stimulate peer learning. Plus, our platform is super flexible, secure, and enterprise-ready

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Peer learning programs

Our programmatic experiences accelerate the adoption of key behavioral skills. Get training off-the-shelf, to customize, or create your own

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Culture acceleration services

Our experts have delivered over 20,000 peer learning experiences. They'll stage manage and coach you through every step of the journey

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Peer learning networks

Peer learning networks sustain change beyond the initial point of impact. Keep learners accountable and respond to changing behavioral needs

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Practical guide

Get early access to our exclusive Peer Learning Playbook

We studied 1000s of social movements at work and in the real world and distilled them into a unique formula for creating behavior change at work.

We distilled what we learnt into our exclusive Peer Learning Playbook. Download it to learn if peer learning is right you and get 10 practical ways to activate it – even in the most traditional organizations.

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Awards and recognition

Recognition for our work accelerating and sustaining behavior change at scale